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November 24, 2010

OUTFIT/30 for 30 Day 8

Used sister's Canon 40d DSLR for pictures
Excuse me for the lack of daily outfit posts. NO I haven't yet cheated (once again) It feels like it's been forever, since starting the challenge, and I realized it's only been 1.5 weeks. SORRY. This  might be one of the 3 of 4 outfit pictures this week. This week is a really busy week, with tonnes of after-school activities. I'll post some stuff on the weekends though, so check back on that. For those of you who have noticed, this is basically the same outfit as 4 or 5 days ago, except for of course, a change of accent colour. From red it has turned to blue. Btw, I forgot to mention, I made a video for my last last last outfit post. I shall post in here. It's up on youtube.
update of my day in school
  • Surrey band review. Proud to be the best GUY flutist in the band. Did fine, could've been better
  • MY BAD SCIENCE TEACHER GOT FIRED. But now I want him back. I just realized, I was learning a lot in his class and I NEVER had any homework in his class. AND I always aced his tests. Now I have a stupid T.O.C, who's like the indian version of an annoying blonde but more smarter.
What I wore
Same as day 5 except
Scarf;le chateau
Cardigan:Esprit (30 dollars)
Chambray Shirt: Aeropostale (4 dollars)