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February 19, 2011

UPDATE/ The “Other Blog”

fashion junkie raw

I want to keep this blog as relevant as possible, but I also want to be that type of blogger that can just say what he wants and put posts that aren’t so prepared for and tailored to be ‘interesting” Although, a majority of my posts, do not spark interest at all;I admit. I’ve had this other blog for a while now and I’ve had it stagnant for months and months but I came upon noticing it again. Here’s a link to FASHION JUNKIE (RAW). Follow if you must. Word of caution. On the new blog, is really random stuff that I want to talk about. It’s nothing that will be filled with awe

ayez une bonne journee, paalam

February 18, 2011

VIDEO/ My “blogging team”

Another one of my quick videos. I’ve had this raw unedited video, for seriously two weeks now and I only got to posting it now. With me today is 10 hours of sleep, and so I am energized and ready for school.

February 16, 2011

OUTFIT/ Rain is Never Good


A straightforward outfit. Made up really quickly. Wore a cozy sweater, perfect for cuddling up on the sofa and watching a movie at a friend’s house and a thick waterproof parka for warmth. Everything else is a “jayvee fashion staple” LOL This is the shortest post ever. I will be busy for the next 5 hours finishing up socials homework and then sleeping early, there’s a fitness test for pe class tomorrow. IAMNOTENTHUSIASTIC

ayez une bonne journee

February 15, 2011

OUTFIT/Green with Envy


The title is completely irrelevant except for how green my shirt is. Not really much. Sorry, couldn’t post anything last night, we went out to eat for Valentine’s day and it was already 10 PM by then.

I’ve only got 1/5 of the blog traffic I used to get back in December, when my blog was at it’s peak. Clearly, I’m trying to win you all back again. Am I doing it right at least?? HAHA I don’t really know what to talk about since I’ve worn all of these pieces numerous times so there’s no use in like yapping all the way about them. Ugh.

My search for a camera has been quite “bouncy” I’ve at least bounced around 10 models now. The mixed reviews, the prices, availability and all that and not helping at all. I’m looking to buy a camera preferably lower than 600 Canadian dollars.Also, I’m really into DSLR video. Although MOST video mode on the dslr does not come with auto-focus. How do I, you know take videos of myself without having it blurry and all that? Actually, I think I can spend just around 400 before I feel really really bad for my parents for buying me such an expensive thing when we’re saving for trips overseas and all that stuff. The top 5 I got right now are:

1. Panasonic GH1 with 14-42 mm lenses – Around $650

2. Pentax K-x  - $560

3. Canon Rebel XS – $400

4.Olympus pen epl-1 (this one’s a micro four thirds)

Any suggestions? Personally I’m leaning into Pentax k-x, but my sister says it’s not reliable or durable and I should only buy Canon or Nikon.

ayez une bonne journee,paalam

February 13, 2011

UPDATE/ New Hair (video)

Wow, that is one ugly screencap. I don’t know how to change it agh!!!!

This is one of the main reasons why I haven’t been posting outfit pictures,even though I’ve already taken around 2 this weekend. I wanted to show you my new haircut first. I wanted to make a video and all that. The editing of the pretty short clip got pushed back again and again and again. I have other videos to share in the following days or weeks. So stay tuned. Outfit pictures are also coming in the following days.

what do you think of my hair? Love it or Hate it? Honestly, I have yet to get used to it. It’s quite high maintenance and so I can’t just put wax on it in the morning and go. There’s a lot of stuff I have to go through first.

ayez une bonne journee, paalam

February 8, 2011

STYLING TIPS/ H&M Styling Video


I am definitely no pro, with styling but I like to share around some information,and I definitely learned some, in this video. Those long-sleeved shirts sweaters are just AMAZING and I was totally loving the colour scheme she had going on, maybe not the red. anyways enjoy the video. I’m sorry I haven’t had much for the girls.I am a guy after all and so yeah.I’ll try to post something y’all gals can connect with.

What did you think of the styling? Hate it or Love it? What trends and styles are you taking out this coming spring?

ayez une bonne journee, paalam

February 6, 2011

OUTFIT/ Top Heavy


JACKET: zara SCARF: 21men JEANS: 21men SHOES : Aldo SWEATER: thrifted

I think I’m starting to discover my own style. I am starting to now, what I like to see and what works for me. Although there’s still some stuff I need to improve;overall it’s getting there. All I need is money to shop for those pieces and I think I’ll be good enough to go I am turning 15 soon, and I think I’ll really start looking for a job by then. 14 is quite a stretch. I don’t know if anyone would want to trust me at an age that young.At 15 I should have a chance.

I’ve started to hinting at my mom about getting me a DSLR camera for my birthday in 4 months. I think it’s another thing that will make this blog real. I’m thinking of getting one with video capabilities too so that I can do videos. Personally, I would like to see more videos being employed in the fashion blogging business. I think STRUCTURED vlog entries and outfit videos are really fun to look at. No? What do you think? About the DSLR cameras. Any suggestions? I’ve also got a few ones in mind, might make a post on that.

I haven’t been blogging regularly. A new semester just started, and I can definitely say, this early, that it’s gonna be a hectic semester. Yeah I’m mostly done my afterschool activities but I’ve got a college professor of a socials teacher who assigns a lot of homework. I’m not upset about that, because I learn A LOT so, it’s just my time online in the fashion world that’s gonna have to struggle a bit. Don’t worry, I’m just asking for a bit of a grace period. I’ll find a consensus in a week or two.

ayez une bonne journee, paalam!

February 1, 2011

OUTFIT/Chill Unedited

P1301539     P1301540
Jacket:ZARA T-shirt:HANES UNDERSHIRT Jeans:21MEN Flipflips: OAKLEY
I think this is the first time that I’ve posted unedited outfit pictures in the HISTORY OF MY BLOG. The lighting was nice and my skin didn’t look bad. It was basically a chill day. I slept in that white shirt. I was actually just going to take pictures of my jackets outside for a post, but I ended up doing so much more. One of which is taking pictures for this outfit. Really simple and mindless, sporting my new Zara jacket. That’s all. This is just straighforward and simple. I’m straighforward and simple. Are you bored by my lame outfit posts yet? Comment and push me to be better!
ayez une bonne journée, paalam